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  • [Audio] How can you say there will be no elitism, when the designers of the resource distribution algorithm would have the most control?



    They don't have control, they are assigned projects. I've said that many times. No one controls anything, they are assigned different tasks. If you want to build a bridge, you get bridge engineers together. If there are chemical problems in making a composite material for building that doesn't burn in air, you bring construction engineers and material developers together. You bring people that are familiar with that field, and it's not a privilege, it's hard work.

    The people who are building and designing, they don't have control of the resources. They don't allocate resources to different people, or tell different people what they can do within the city.

    Yes. If you own a factory, you will assign people different tasks. In the airplane industry some people work on the landing gear, some people work on the wings, some people work on remote control systems, some people work on instruments,(etc.) they are assigned those tasks by their background and their ability to perform. They do not dictate policy, they merely carry out their assignment. Bridge engineers build bridges, tunnel engineers excavate tunnels, but they don't tell people what to do. The job has to be done. The survey committee says, in order to maintain 50,000 people in the city, you have to have so much water, so much food available, so much air conditioning. That is determined by the amount of people, just like an ocean liner. If you have a thousand (1,000) passengers on an ocean liner, who decides how much food to carry? The people that have worked on the ocean liner, that know those problems. Who decides how many doctors and dentists you need? By the amount of people that complain about dental and medical problems.

    It would be just like if you got mad at something, and then you wanted to cut off your own arm because you got mad. Sane people don't do things like that. You wouldn't want to hurt anything in the environment.

    People who are brought up under TVP have a different outlook, completely different than the people of today. You are dealing with people with todays values. If you want to be an aeronautical engineer, you have to go to that environment. If you want to be a doctor, you have to go to a medical environment, and then you have to pass tests. You have to immerse the person in an environment that deals with the subject they are assigned, so you don't have a person who studies animal behavior become a dentist. He has to be in a dental environment to become a dentist. He has to know his dentistry. We don't have that, that is today you are talking about: People that get angry, that wont perform as well, that would want to shoot people or damage the environment. We do away with all that in the schools. We clean out all the old values that have no referents. People learn to read books differently than they do today. Their behavior is different than it was in the past. They don't respect people, like they do today, they respect your performance only.

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