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  • FAQ#039 How do you imagine the building processes of the projects - standard, using prefabricated units or some other technologies?

    To achieve world wide reconstruction to obtain a very high standard of living for all, large machines are needed that can handle huge building sections similar to the way ships are built today. Mega-machines could construct entire buildings by computerized, pre-programmed instructions, reducing construction time considerably. This programming could be readily altered to fit changing conditions.

    Many of the cities architectural elements can be constructed in dry docks and floated to their destination. They can be moved off the flotation units by the means of water jets. Water jets require one pound of force to move one ton of weight. In other words the completed buildings can be moved from the flotation units to their foundations eliminating the necessity of bringing building materials for on site construction.

    Eventually these structures will be self erecting and use composites such as shape memory materials. These are materials that can be pre-shaped for such items as contoured furniture. They are then flattened for easy shipment and activated electrically to assume their original shape. This process can be applied to portions of the structure as well. With advances in nanotechnology, their performance and durability will be increased considerably toward self repair and automatic maintenance.

    Created on 21/07/2012 in TVP FAQ

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