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  • FAQ#088 How does one solve the problem of excess (say a person or people wanting more than is available)?

    In regards to excess. In times of WWII the US had 600 fighting aircraft and we could not enter the war with that so we ended up producing 90 thousand planes a year plus submarines, aircraft carriers, anti aircraft weapons and a more than adequate medical staff to care for injured veterans. Of course we mobilized for war. To my knowledge we have never mobilized for peace to supply the abundance that we are capable of suppling. We have more than enough resources if intelligently managed and used. There is not enough money to even build the hospitals needed that is why we must move away from the monetary system to a resource based system.

    Just imagine what would happen to the world's supply of resources if we mobilized for peace. To clarify particular aspects, when people go to work the car sits idle outside the factory for 8 hours. In a resource based global economy very few cars would remain idle, few freight cars would be stored in railroad yards, few ships would remain in storage. Just like a war effort we would put everything to use. The major difference is rather than training humans to be killing machines they would serve with machines to produce more than enough goods and services for all people.

    Created on 22/07/2012 in TVP FAQ

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