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  • [Audio] Jacque - You once said that you met Buckminster Fuller before he became popular. What questions did you ask him and how did he respond? What were your thoughts on him?



    He was a very inventive person. What you'd call a very "original thinker". I asked him whether he had any social ideas, he said 'you're trying to change the world, Jacque, and I can't even get my car out on the market.' So, he wasn't very social at the time I met him, he didn't concern himself with it nor was he interested in it when I talked to him about the subject matter. He expressed no particular interest in Social Design at that time, it was a long time ago before he was famous, possibly after he wrote a book called "Nine Chains to the Moon".

    He met him a few times but the first time he met him when he was working on his car.

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