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  • [Audio] If the TVP version of RBE promotes the most intelligent designs possible, why does TVP currently have pseudo-intellectual officials who insist on Résumé applications to join teams, when they aren't knowledgeable to judge the Résumé to begin with?



    In order for us to be functional in the TVP design teams, for example, in the 3D teams we need people that can do 3D unaided without a lot of support, time and effort into getting their models to the specifications we need in order to be able to put them out there in the public. So that is why in the 3D team I would get someone to send me samples of their 3D work. If they're good enough they are going to be in the team. If they're not, we would reply and say 'sorry, it's not at the standard we need' etc. The reason for doing this is to make sure that we can actually get these projects done. For example, with the the marketing team we need people who are quite experienced in Marketing, in Advertising and Public Relations etc. Ideally, we would have every single person on the planet contributing to this. Unfortunately, we're limited by the amount of time that we can put into doing volunteering. Most of us work and we've got family lives that we have to take care of . So it's a case of making sure we have the right people on the right teams with the right experience, the right knowledge to be able to get these products out there.

    This is the only way at this time that we can judge the competence. They don't have to have a Resumé of school background or anything. We just need to see that they have the competence to do the work.

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