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  • [Audio] What is Social Security and what does the Government do about it and what will be its equivalent in the Venus Project if it is equal at all to the project?



    Well, everyone has access to resources whether they work or not. And everyone is cared for by the access centres, they can access anything they need or they can go back to school if they want to, or they can become instructors. It all depends on each individual.

    There's really no need for a programme that's the equivalent to social security in the United States. I don't have all the details of what they do, but you have to pay into social security all through your life and then after the age 64, or sometimes 62 or if you're incapable of working, you can get certain amounts of funds equivalent to what you put into it. So, TVP has nothing like that. There would be social security your whole life in terms of equal access to all the goods and services that are available in a high energy system.

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