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  • [Audio] Jacque, I have children and wondered if you would advise home schooling them?



    If you have the time and the knowledge to do that, I'm all for it. But you have to also tell them the value systems of the dominant world today so that they don't become alienated completely. You have to teach them about the values that different people learn in different countries that are always relevant. And if you inform them well enough so that they understand, they'll be better-adjusted. If you just bring them up with the same value system they will clash with normal people.

    A good way to look at it is, when you talk to someone for the first time about these ideas you normally get one of two reactions. One; totally against it, it's totally utopian, it'll never happen and it's completely unscientific. Or you will get people that are inquisitive and want to learn more about it. You'd get the same problem within a city. If the people aren't all with similar values there is a values clash and you'd get problems.

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