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  • [Audio] Does the whole world need to be involved for this to work or are there certain countries, perhaps those with key resources, that can sustain a RBE on their own?



    No, I think that all people can help. I believe that there may be resources all over the world that have never been explored. I think there's tremendous potential out there.

    But it doesn't take all people to make this happen. I think today we're on the backs of very few people who give us certain technologies to make things happen in the world. And for this to ultimately work, it would have to be a whole global system. One country couldn't exist making a RBE by themselves.

    It would be much easier on a global basis and the standard of living would be higher for most people if we can get all nations to join in taking care of the environment and one another without the use of armies, navies or force of any kind. I also feel that, in sharing resources and invention, we can move the world further along very rapidly.

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