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  • [Audio] Is mechanistic concept of life compatible with quantum mechanics?



    It depends on your interpretation of quantum mechanics. All that mechanism says is that there's nothing that is self-activating. That a sailboat cannot sail; it's acted upon by the wind. That a ball does not roll down the hill; it's pulled down by gravity. All things are affected by different forces. It means that there's no self-generating unit that can generate its own energy without being fed. Human beings have to eat vegetable or animal tissue in order to grow; if they don't eat or consume life, they will die. All that a mechanistic system states is that things are not self-operating. A useful person depends on their education--how much they know about the physical world. And the more exposure they have to different systems, the broader their frame of reference. A person that just lived in Weehawken, NJ and never left that county can only remain a "Weehawk" at night. You have to be exposed to many different things in order to evaluate things. If you're just exposed to the Lutheran point of view, you don't have a broad enough frame of reference to engage in conversation about other forms and other viewpoints.


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