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  • [Audio] How do you plan to handle stuff like alcohol, cigarettes and prohibited drugs?



    They won't be available. In a RBE, detrimental things would not be available. You couldn't buy hot dogs or cigarettes, because they would not be made. People who are addicted to that, would be treated with the best knowledge we have for treating such addiction.

    I'm just trying to help people understand what makes them act the way they do. Instead of getting angry at a person, I look at them differently: I say "They don't have the tools to understand," or "I am using tools that do not register with them." In other words, if I go to a Klu Klux Klan meeting, I can't come at them with my values, because they wouldn't understand it. I have to alter my values, and give very primitive examples, and then if they begin to understand, you can become more elaborate with the passing of time. The degree of information that you present, depends on how much they have learned.

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