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  • [Audio] How could any centralized system decide how much to produce of the thousands of different kinds of chocolate candies. Each person might like one of these more than another subtle differences in taste and texture?



    I would say with computer science today, you can go back to centralization, because you can have the "pulse"(statistical data) of every nation on your computer. It is no longer necessary to have decentraliztion. You can go back to centralization because the computer can give you answers that are relevant any where in the world within a few minutes. I think we can gather enough information from statistical data, about what people are chewing on, what people like to do, and if they are detrimental to human health we will point that out. I think that it is very necessary to point out the limitations and detrimental effects of tobacco and candy, and artifical coloring and flavoring, and genetic engineering. They have to be very carefully worked out before they are "launched at the public"(given/sold to people who do not understand the effects).


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