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  • [Audio] Would TVP be open to learning more about open-source?



    It isn't open-source, what it really means is: Are people going to get the best advantage they can from a scientific government? If there is a government without money, where you can't pay off politicians, where you don't follow the decleration of free-business, or banks, or lending instituions it would be far better than a monetary system. We have to do away with the monetary system. The reason we have to do away with it, is that if you put up a half of a million dollars to get somebody elected to political office, they owe you a favor. Do you understand? Money can pay people off. With the use of money you can sell drugs, prostitution, gambling, (etc.). If you do away with money, there is no basis for selling drugs, there's no basis for buying anybody, a judge or a lawyer. You can't hire people to do your bidding if no money exists.

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    Transcribed by Lucas Samascott

    Created on 13/11/2012 in TVP Seminar Q&A w/ Audio Support

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