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  • [Audio] How much liberty will there be in TVP as compared to a monetary system?



    The liberty of TVP, with a deeper understanding of nature and human behavior, the reason for war, the reason for anger and hostility, they would be so well informed that they would find a motion picture shot in our time as a horror movie. They would look back at our system as a horrible system to live in, due to their newer education. That is what happens to people that come here to the tour. They come one way and they walk out very different, because we really have a chance to ask all kinds of questions. We question motives, and grammar, and everything else. Really, the best way to learn about TVP is either to get the book, called 'The Best That Money Can't Buy', or come to our tours if you can. It's not really a tour, it's a cerebral enema where we clean out the old values.

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    Transcribed by Lucas Samascott

    Created on 13/11/2012 in TVP Seminar Q&A w/ Audio Support

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