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  • [Audio] ... Regardless of the motives/incentives, what if someone still doesn't want to perform any task at all, how does TVP determine where this person can or cannot live?



    In the beginning when we have the first city done, we can't afford to take on people who just can't participate. That, we hopefully will develop enough energy to take on later. We see the first city as the planners, the developers, people who will make media, who will help introduce this direction in many different ways. The planners who will be making the next city more efficient. The first city we might have to build a lot with what we have, instead of innovating new ideas, because that might take longer. If people can't function to do that, the first city I'm sure would not have enough energy to take on people who cannot particiapte and help. All the homes would be very comfortable, and very sufficient for whatever peoples needs are.

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