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  • [Audio] Jacque and Roxanne, if you aren't willing to show the world your designed blueprints, how can you expect anyone to follow you or take you seriously on a large scale?



    Well, if you are ready to put up the funding for the blueprints, we would be glad to do that. We are working on finishing blueprints and we're showing them to people--we're making appointments and meeting with people who can follow it through. These are not prints that we're just putting out there because we do have a certain agenda. It's like Jacque used to design aircraft, prosthesis, used to work on drug addicts in the past, and he designed aircraft but they used them to go bomb faster and pollute more and destroy more, quicker more efficiently. This is not what we did the blueprints and designs for; we live in a world that is extremely abusive. And Jacque always talked about how the scientists who did the atom bomb should have never given it to the government--look what happened to it. So, we are very protective of the plans and the designs because we would like them to be followed through to the best of our ability to create a different type of world other than just giving it to the world as it is today.

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