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  • [Audio] What would you suggest to do when a resource that has a greater demand than supply in a Resource Based Economy? Also, how do you allocate resources that are newly discovered that have great demand?



    We would tell people that it might take another four months to develop sufficient resources; if we're short, we'd tell them. It might take two years to develop resources. But to put it out there so that people will understand that we don't have all the resources to immediately develop a Resource Based Economy. It's going to take some time; that time will depend on how much damage we do before we are ready to install a Resource Based Economy. Depends on how far along we go--how much damage we do--I can't answer that directly. It isn't the demand; it's the availability of resources and however long it takes to make those resources available would always be posted on the communication systems.

    And if there is a scarcity, that is where research would go to eliminate that scarcity or find an alternative.

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