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  • [Audio] How will the first city operate, while other cities, states, and countries are still operating in a monetary based system? and how will they access the resources, or will it?



    The Venus Project would not exist under those conditions. It is only after the monetary system does not work, when they have lack of funds, and they begin to shut down. Not only General Motors, but most industries. The public will not have the purchasing power to buy the goods and services, and that's when the system comes to an end. Otherwise, TVP will not work during a monetary system.

    We have talked to people who wanted Jacque to design cities, and we would take it as far as we could go. We would bring in the participation of the universities and students, and introduce them to this direction as much as possible. If we had the oppurtunity to do a city, that Jacque agreed to do, within this system, we would educate towards a RBE as much as possible. We would have as much say as we could within how the children would be educated, and what would be done in the city. For example, a theme park of the future. If we could do a theme park of the future in the first city, it could be used to bring in revenue for the city to exist more efficiently, so we did not have to go on the outside. Since we would be working within the monetary system, we would show more readily within the theme park, not just entertainment, but what a RBE would look like in the future, so we would use it as much as possible.


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