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  • [Audio] Is one reason that writing laws doesn't work, because man can't think or reason?



    ...Outside of his culture. It is very difficult for people to give ideas that are very different than the way the culture works. They tend to reject ideas that do not support the free-enterprise system or capitalism. For example, I don't think anyone out there has ever seen the reasons why these so-called "disrupters of society" flew planes into the Trade Centers. We never heard their portion of the story. I think that in the future, instead of hating people, we will try to find out why they do certain things, and see if we can eradicate those conditions.


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    Proofreading OKAnswered by Jacque FrescoRoxanne MeadowsTVP Authorized

    QA#: 2012041510
    Transcribed by Lucas Samascott

    Created on 13/11/2012 in TVP Seminar Q&A w/ Audio Support

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