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  • FAQ#034 What kind of change do you expect in urban development?

    In these new total city system designs, all aspects of the city are well integrated. For example, in the agricultural belt electronic probes embedded in the soil automatically inventory the water table, soil conditions, nutrients, etc., and act appropriately without requiring human intervention as conditions change. This industrial electronic feedback could be applied to the entire system.

    The new city would be an environment featuring clean air and water, health care, good nutrition, entertainment, housing, access to information, and education for all. It would have art and music centers, fully-equipped machine shops, science labs, hobby and sports areas, and manufacturing districts. These new cities would provide recreation within a short distance of the residential district. This technology is inevitable. Waste recycling, renewable and clean power generating systems, and other services would be managed by integrated cybernated methods. Life styles and personal preferences are totally decided on by the individual.

    Some of the cities would be circular while others may be linear, underground, or constructed as floating cities in the sea. Eventually, many cities may be designed as total enclosure systems much like cruise ships outfitted for a six-month cruise.

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