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  • FAQ#060 in The Best That Money Can't Buy, you deal among other subjects, also with the need to understand the close bond that man entertains with nature: which are the properties of the world (planet-society) that have to change to re-establish this bond?

    Great achievements of present day technology were developed by very few people. The future does not depend on political solutions-rather, they are technological in nature.

    Social change is not brought about by individual ideas, but more or less depends upon the evolution of society and the bio-social pressures responsible for social change. It is brought about by natural or economic occurrences, which threaten large numbers of people.

    Some of the conditions responsible for social change are limited resources, war, overpopulation, epidemics, natural disasters, economic recession, downsizing on a mass scale, technological displacement of people by machines, and the failure of their leaders to overcome these problems.

    The changes that may occur are not necessarily for the betterment of society unless a large number of people are familiar with the physical nature of the earth and the interrelationship of ourselves with it. In other words, our decisions must be in accordance with natural law and with the carrying capacity of the earth's resources. A given amount of land can only support so many people. If the population exceeds the carrying capacity, there will be territorial disputes, crime, wars, homelessness, poverty, and countless other hardships.

    All man-made laws and treaties are artificial. They are rarely based upon the physical factors responsible for human values and behavior. People brought up in scarcity are more apt to steal no matter how many laws and treaties are enacted. It is not laws and treaties that people need--it is access to the essentials of life - clean air, water and arable land along with a relevant education based upon the physical sciences.

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