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  • FAQ#067 ... people work towards goals similar to the ones you presented in your book, while still operating within a monetary system? How do you suggest we keep ideas and technology from contributing to the cycle (away from military hands, etc.)?

    Yes by presenting the ideas of common heritage of all the world's resources and a global resource-based economy, which will eventually outgrow the need for politics and money. The monetary system will eventually out live its usefulness which is already underway. As more jobs become phased out through automation the majority of people will not have the purchasing power to sustain a culture whose bottom line is profit. It is only through exposing the limitations of a monetary based system and pointing out the gains of a global system of common heritage can we attain the direction of The Venus Project. This is done just as any new ideas become infiltrated into society through book, video, schools, publications, websites, movies, TV shows, word of mouth, role models, etc.

    If we fail to accomplish this, the established order will do our thinking for us by controlling the means of communication, television, radio, motion pictures, publications and education. The better informed the public, the smoother the transition.

    The Venus Project can not of itself affect significant social change unless people like yourself accept the responsibility of exposing people to the direction of The Venus Project.

    Created on 22/07/2012 in TVP FAQ

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