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  • FAQ#074 ... a fully automated cybernetically managed economy/ecology/society would be vulnerable to system decay, malfunction and collapse in a way that would render humanity helpless..

    This is true in a monetary system but has nothing to do with the proposals of The Venus Project. The Venus Project maintains an overview of the global economy. Any catastrophic event that may occur in which technology is destroyed or malfunctions people will be prepared to handle. The new education systems will provide each and every human being with the means intellectually and emotionally to handle these variables. They will be able to make bow and arrows or any other operation necessary for survival. They are trained in the widest possible range to handle many unforeseen variables both technically and emotionally. They are not a bunch of dummies that sit around enjoying the high output of new technology, they are continuously engaged to handle "what if" situations.

    This is erroneous projections from movies and books by authors in the arts and poorly informed about technology, culture and behavior. Technologically informed people are not multi-disciplinarians. That is why fascist and neo fascist utilize them to spread propaganda, uphold their established system and make war machines. Politicians are elected not to change things but to keep things as they are. Unfortunately science and technology and the arts have been used by various social systems to maintain the status quo.

    The multi-disciplinarian that The Venus Project's refers to is not patriotic. Their only loyalties are to the earth and the people that inhabit it.

    Unfortunately many people project obsolete values into proposals of The Venus Project.

    Created on 22/07/2012 in TVP FAQ

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