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  • FAQ#080 How do "Restless Teenagers" fit into the system? Or rather, what is available for them to do?

    Although many forms of arrogant behavior and racial prejudice have been with us for centuries it is because the conditions that produce this behavior remain relatively unaltered. Insane behavior cannot be changed unless the conditions responsible for it are removed.

    From our point of view the difference between a peace loving humanist and a warlord will not be found in the genes of the individual but in the environments they live in.

    Most of the education of the future will be that of a generalist in which people are exposed to many of the factors that comprise the web of life and their interrelationship.

    Behavior in a resource-based economy will reflect that culture. Will all people then be alike? Yes in certain areas. They will all work to protect the environment and extend maximum courtesy to one another regardless of race, color or creed. They will promote individuality and creativity and reject the notion of any final frontiers.

    During the transition from a monetary based society to a resource-based society many of the older patterns will still prevail.

    Children have insatiable curiosity. The aim of the future is to harness this rather than to destroy it.

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