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  • FAQ#083 What about crimes of jealousy?

    The way people are raised in The Venus Project is different than they are today. Jealousy with "love" relationships would be dealt with in the early education. People would learn how to relate to one another and obtain a relevant language not based so much on feeling tone but on how well the relationship works. Relationships would be based upon being helpful to one another and the community.

    People are not objects of possession. Marriage and engagement do seem to produce aberrant behavior and possessiveness. People will do whatever they need to but if they examine their own values closely they will find that a lot of decisions they arrived at were superimposed by their environment. With a better understanding of semantics, communications and relating to one another in constructive, non competitive ways many of the aberrant behavior will diminish.

    Today people are not exposed to other methods of relating to one another during their education. It is more traditional rather than rational. Passiveness is not something one usually outgrows unless they become better informed as to their own behavioral limitations. Possessiveness is mainly an expression of insecurity or a low self-sufficiency.

    It is not possible in these questions to go into this fully.

    Created on 22/07/2012 in TVP FAQ

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